Kammrath & Weiss – Tensile stage and temperature stage

Kammrath & Weiss is a German company focus on engineering in the electron microscopy market. This company is developing technology solutions in the micromechanical field. We are offering tensile (compression) module for in situ measurements up to 5-10kN, in situ heating/cooling stage and transfer modules.

Heating stage

Heating stage for SEM 300°C / 500°C / 800°C / 1050°C / 1500°C

Cryo cold stage

Cryo-stage for SEM, Cryo LN2 -190/+100°C

Peltier cold stage

Peltier stage for SEM, -25/+50°C ; -50/+100°C

Tensile stage

Tensile stage (Compression) 5-10kN