Evactron PRS-u

High-Vacuum Compatible Plasma Radical Source

The makers of the popular Evactron® remote plasma cleaning device, the Evactron® De-ContaminatorTM, introduce a system that brings their proven carbon contamination removal technology to end users and tool manufacturers in high vacuum environments. Carbon contamination degrades the perfor- mance and quality of many high vacuum analytical tools such as XPS and Auger Spectrometers.

The Evactron® PRS-uTM was specifically developed to address the cleaning challenges present in high vacuum environments.

EVACTRON PRS-u (309 downloads)

Features & Benefits

  • Just use air for oxygen radicals, or use other gases for alternative plasma processes
  • Impedance matched
  • MicroPirani Gauge
  • CF 2.75 flange attaches to vacuum chamber
  • All metal, welded fittings and connections on vacuum side
  • SMC 2-way high vacuum shut-off valve
  • 3-way valve for toggle between clean and purge
  • Compliant with SEMI-S2, CE and NRTL Safety Standards
  • Compatible with both the Desktop and Rack-mounted Configurations of Evactron 25, 40, and 45 Controllers