RMC Products – EM Sample Prep solutions

Have a look at RMC Products by Boeckeler Instruments for EM Sample Prep solutions! We offer you a wide range of products, preparation expertise, and service/support.

Ultramicrotome PowerTome PC

The Computer Controlled Ultramicrotome.

Ultramicrotome PowerTome X & XL

For the Preparation of Thin Sections for Electron Microscopy.

Cryosectioning system CR-X

The Most Cost Effective, Compact, User Friendly, Cryosectioning System Available.


Tape Collecting Ultramicrotome


For Array Tomography

3 Lambdas Illumination Units

Designed to be a direct replacement of high pressure mercury lamp used for fluorescence ultramicrotomy cut-sections application.

Diamond knives for ultramicrotomy

Ultrathin, semithin, cryo dry & cryo wet sectioning of both materials and biological samples.

Freeze Substitution System FS 8500

Trouble-free freeze-substitution and low temperature embedding on a routine basis.

High Pressure Freezing Machine HPM 10

The Proven High Pressure Freezing Machine.

Glass Knife Maker GKM-2

Get Consistent, Controlled Breaks!

TEM Stainer QG 3100

The QG-3000 increases staining quality and yield, while saving time and and reducing waste.

Motorized Microtome MT-990

Universal, Heavy Duty Microtome for a Wide Variety of Applications in Histopathology and Materials Research.

Motorized Precision Microtome AFM-990

This microtome is primarily intended for specimen surface preparation for: AFM, SPM, SEM, OM, FTIR.

Motorized or Manual Microtome MR2, MR3

Manual or motorized contol microtome for histology, materials and forensic applications. Section thickness range from 0.5 to 60 microns with electronic knife feed.