EDEN Instruments is a high-tech company specializing in the distribution of Electron Microscopy equipments.

We deliver a wide range of accessories dedicated to the sample study in SEM microanalysis EDS, EBSD, WDS, for In-Situ TEM/SEM electron microscopy, for correlative microscopy (SCLEM) and sample preparation.[/text_output]

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SEM / TEM Upgrade

Complete electronics and software upgrades for all SEM types

5 reasons for upgrading your SEM / TEM:

– Increased performance

– Network Compatibility

– New techniques (EDX, BSE, EBAC, EBIC, RCI,…)

– High-value attachment or workflow

– Reduced acquisition and service costs

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In Situ Equipments



Ex Situ Equipments




In Operando Equipments



Nanoprobing SEM Solution Package



First EDAX XRF workshop in Europe

EDEN Instruments invites you to attend the first EDAX XRF workshop in Europe on November 3-4 in Wiesbaden, Germiany.

Download the invitation :
EDAX X-ray FLuorescence (XRF) Workshop (524 downloads )

Usefull weblinks :
XRF Workshop & Open House Registration Email: michaela.schleifer@ametek.de
Orbis Training Course Registration | Orbis Web Page | SMX-BEN Web Page | iMOXS Web Page[/text_output]


EMBO Practical Course

This EMBO Practical Course offers the opportunity to acquire a portfolio of cutting edge EM methods; allowing the participants to integrate EM tools and readouts into the workflow of their own cell biological research projects. The practical course focuses on teaching the theoretical background and the latest practical developments in the field.


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