Protochips develops products for in situ microscopy to help researchers gather quantifiable and actionable data to enable meaningful new discoveries. Our products allow scientists to observe their sample dynamically using heat, electrical biasing, liquid and gas. Through semiconductor-based sample supports we call E-chips, our solutions combine great flexibility with the highest levels of control and performance to enable scientists to gather quantifiable data with the highest efficiency. Our product platforms include FUSION for heating and electrical studies, POSEIDON for liquid and electrochemistry studies and ATMOSPHERE for heating and gas studies.

FUSION TEM Heating and Electrical System

Fusion heating and electrical systems transform a standard TEM or SEM into an in-situ laboratory. Our new product combines heating, electrical and electrothermal analysis and uses advanced holder and E-chip technology that provide ultra-high stability and accuracy. With Fusion, you can see samples under real-world conditions at atomic resolution and produce more results in less time.



POSEIDON Select Liquid Microscopy Cell

The Poseidon Select Liquid Electron Microscopy system is the most flexible liquid cell on the market. The system is configurable and expandable with Heating and Electrochemistry packages designed for a variety of research interests.

ATMOSPHERE TEM Environmental Gas Cell

The Atmosphere TEM Environmental gas cell converts nearly any TEM into a fully featured ETEM (Environmental TEM). The system creates an in-situ reaction chamber inside the microscope.


Linking your TEM, detectors and in situ systems together to create a revolutionary and powerful new experience

axon microscope
E-CHIP TEM Sample Supports

E-Chips are an essential part of your Protochips system. E-chips are manufactured using state-of-the-art semiconductor fabrication technology, and support both the sample and control of the environment around the sample. E-chips are specifically designed, fabricated and optimized for each of Protochips’ product lines: Fusion, Poseidon Select and Atmosphere.

Capture echips

C-Flat is a clean, ultra-flat holey carbon film TEM grid primarily used for Cryo TEM and Automated TEM. With a variety of available hole diameters, mesh size, film thicknesses, and mesh material, there is a C-Flat product suitable for any application in the TEM. And with the fastest product turnaround on the market, C-Flat is readily available at the click of a button.

Capture holey film TEM Grids
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