Diamond knives for ultramicrotomy

Ultrathin, semithin, cryo dry & cryo wet sectioning of both materials and biological samples.

EDEN Instruments en association avec MICROSTAR/RMC vous présente sa nouvelle gamme de couteaux diamants.

Micro Star Technologies (MST) was founded in 1982, after 8 years of independent research, to produce ultramicrotomy diamond knives. Presently, MST supplies diamond knives to laboratories in 57 countries, where Micro Star is regarded as a standard of high quality and service.

Sharp and…Precise!

A diamond knife for ultramicrotomy is an extremely sharp and precise diamond blade mounted in a metal holder called “boat”. Diamond knives are used for slicing very thin specimen sections which are magnified with an electron or optical microscope.

A Micro Star edge radius is about 2 nm or 12 carbon atoms. This molecular sharpness is needed in order to cut sections as thin as 25 nm. The sections are examined in the electron microscope at very high magnifications showing details sometimes less than 10 nm, and requiring the diamond knife to be defect free even at that scale.

Quality certified

A certificate of quality is included with every knife indicating the parameters of the final test, such as resin type, speed, section thickness, etc. This is signed and dated by the microtomist performing the test. In the end, the only criterion that defines the quality of a Micro Star diamond knife is its performance in your laboratory.

In details

Micro Star makes seven types of diamond knives and six boat styles. For most ultramicrotomy applications the standard diamond knife (type SU) in the standard boat (style S) is totally satisfactory. For some applications, such as cryo or histology sectioning, you may want to choose a diamond knife and boat designed for that application. See our catalog for detailed specifications and dimensions, or call if you need help in choosing a knife for a particular purpose.

There are two angles important in selecting and using diamond knives, the included angle and the clearance angle. The included angle is measured between the two facets that form the knife edge. The standard included angle in Micro Star knives is 45° used for routine sectioning. Optional angles are 35° and 55°.