Motorized Microtome MT-990

Universal, Heavy Duty Microtome for a Wide Variety of Applications in Histopathology and Materials Research.
  • Motorized programmable automatic trim
  • Cuts paraffin, plastic and hard specimens
  • Motorized cutting stroke may also be used manually
  • Motorized knife stage, 28 mm maximum travel
  • Feed totalizer, selectable for either total feed in micrometers or total number of sections
  • Separate controller for hands-off operation
  • With a Motorized programmable automatic trim, the Microtome MT-990 cuts paraffin, plastic, and hard specimens.
  • Selectable cutting window
  • Optional cryoattachment permits sectioning from ambient tem- perature to -140°C

Designed for:
– Atomic Force Microscopy
– Scanning Probe Microscopy
– Scanning Electron Microscopy
– Optical Microscopy

Ideal for applications in:
– Forensic Science
– Quality Control
– Materials Research