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Panchromatic and RGB Cathodoluminescence (CL) intensity detection

Learn more about your sample in just a few moments with the entry-level SEM- integrated cathodoluminescence (CL) detector JOLT.


The JOLT is an entry- level CL-intensity detector based on state-of-the-art solid state detectors.

Delmic offers JOLT in two variations: a panchromatic version and an RGB (coloured CL) version. JOLT can be easily mounted on a single SEM vacuum port and is controlled by a software app in combination with the SEM control computer.

SEM and RGB CL image for YAG:Ce3+ phosphor micropowder. Sample courtesy of Prof. Xia

SEM and panchromatic CL image for a set of zircon crystals. Sample courtesy of Beijing GeoAnalysis Co., Ltd.

It is a great addition for correlative imaging with other SEM-based detectors such as backscattered electron imaging and energy-dispersive x-ray imaging, capable of providing more insight into your sample’s properties. It is perfect for those who are working with and studying geological samples, semiconductors and other materials.

Key benefits

Choose your version

Perform panchromatic or RGB CL detection.

Start imaging quickly

Operate the system easily.

Combine with other detectors
Harness all data available by combining CL with other SEM techniques.

Acquire (RGB) intensity maps

Easily obtain information about the intensity and colour of CL emission.

Red, Green, Blue, Panchromatic and composite RGB CL images of a zircon crystal. Sample courtesy of Beijing GeoAnalysis Co. Ltd.

System specifications

CL detection

Panchromatic or RGB (with option Delmic JOLT RGB)


No alignment needed. Mounted on single port


Software app in combination with the SEM control computer


Can be combined with other detectors for ultimate insights. Compatible with all SEM models


Based on unique high-end MPPC sensor technology

Spectral range*

320 – 900 nm

* Panchromatic version

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