EDEN Instruments

1 rue Marc Seguin
BP16100 Alixan
26958 VALENCE Cedex 9

EDEN Instruments is a high-tech company specializing in the distribution of Electron Microscopy equipments. Our company delivers a wide range of accessories dedicated to the sample study in SEM microanalysis EDS, EBSD, WDS, for In-Situ TEM/SEM electron microscopy, for correlative microscopy (SCLEM) and sample preparation.

EDEN Instruments core business covers the field of Material Science (micro-analysis, In-Situ liquid) as the Life Science field (correlative solutions and preparation accessories).

The two founders of the company are specialists and will be happy to discuss with you your academic or industrial projects to offer you the solution that best suits your needs.

EDEN Instruments is located on 3 separate geographical sites : Bordeaux, Paris, Valence to help and facilitate communication and visits of our customers.

We provide technical and commercial solutions through workshops, “in your lab” demonstrations, discussions with our partners in order to help you to choose the best adapted equipment to your request.

The spirit of the company is to offer innovative and quality equipments to meet your expectations.

Our partners from Europe and USA are referents in their industry and have installed systems in a nearby lab from yours.

EDEN Instruments participates in major events related to the field of electronic or correlative microscopy in France (see all events).