C-flat grids

C-flat grids

Ultra-flat, carbon support film

C-flat is an ultra-flat, carbon support film with a regular array of ?m-sized holes. It is perfect for many applications in high-resolution cryo electron microscopy (EM). C-flat is shipped with the carbon side facing the tab on the grid box.

C-flat Ordering Guide

C-flat Holey Carbon Grids for cryo-TEM

CF-MH-2C imaged in a field emission SEM

Product Information

C-flat is manufactured with a patented process that does not use plastic films or resins.

With no plastic residues, C-flat eliminates the need for excessive cleaning in plasma, solvents or acids prior to use. In addition C-flat’s ultra-thin carbon results in better resolution.

Single Particle Analysis & Electron Tomography

Researchers report that the ultra-flat surface of C-flat enables uniform particle distribution within the hole area, resulting in clearer and more usable data.

Pattern & Packaging

C-flat is sold in quantities of 50 and 100 grids and is available in a wide variety of patterns on 200 and 400 mesh Cu TEM grids

Image courtesy of Scott Stagg and Mike Pique
NRAMM, The Scripps Research Institute