SPI-Module™ Sputter Coater Module

Known for fast coating with virtually no sample heating.

Set the Sputter Coater unit directly on top of the control base and transform the two units into one integrated instrument. You can expect super-fast deposition of thin films to be of the consistent, fine-grained quality you need for your SEM samples. The unit coats up to 200A of gold in 20 seconds.

SPI-Module Sputter Coater Unit features

  • Low metals consumption.
  • Cool sputtering with magnetically enhanced deflection head.
  • Fast sputtering to reduce damage to heat sensitive samples.
  • Connections for water cooling of sample stage. (Note that with our special magnetically assisted deflection head such cooling is rarely needed.)
  • Easy-change cathode assembly.
  • DC sputtering with air or gas; 1.5 kV at head; mA meter;
    2-minute timer; on/off switch; work chamber 4″ dia. x 5″ high; 3 mil (76 µm)
    gold target supplied. Note: Glass chamber not included with module purchased separately.
  • Compact design uses little lab space without sacrificing coating efficiency: 5-3/4″H x 10-1/4″W x 12-3/8″D.