Low Energy X-ray Spectrometer (LEXS)


The LEXS is a parallel beam spectrometer (PBS) employing high collection optics (HCO), which enable the spectrometer to efficiently collect X-rays from 80 eV to 2.4 keV (Be K to S K). It is specifically designed for low energy X-ray microanalysis.

– Intuitive and easy to use TEAM™ software.
– Compact spectrometer design for easy installation on standard EDS ports.
– Lightweight – 22 lbs (10 kg).
– Standard with five diffractors optimized for any application.
– Fitted with a set of X-ray mirrors to produce an intense parallel beam.
– Optimized to cover low energy applications – ideal for excitation voltages of up to 5 keV.
– Smart Focus routine automatically adjusts the sample position to focus the WDS signal and ensure the optimum performance of the spectrometer.