TI Premier

Enabling Nanomechanical Research

The TI Premier Series was specifically designed to deliver quantitative and highly reliable nanomechanical characterization within a compact platform.

Built upon proven Hysitron technology, the TI Premier provides an essential toolkit for your nanoscale mechanical and tribological testing. Standard testing to advanced research can be accomplished utilizing the versatile configuration of the TI Premier, while numerous technique upgrades are available to meet the potential diversity of your future characterization needs.

Datasheet - TI Premier (224 downloads)


  • Reliable quantitative nanomechanical and nanotribological characterization, applicable from traditional materials to the state-of-the-art thin films and beyond
  • Essential tool for basic to advanced nanomechanical testing, utilizing Hysitron’s capacitive transducer technology for superior characterization of hardness and reduced modulus
  • Nanowear technique provides quantitative characterization of tribological properties of materials
  • In situ SPM imaging enables topographical visualization of the surface prior to performing a measurement along with nanometer scale accuracy in test positioning for maximum test reliability
  • Versatile system configuration, easily adaptable to meet specific research needs

Nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization

The TI Premier makes nanoscale mechanical and tribological characterization simple and consistent. This dedicated system provides a variety of standard nanoscale characterization techniques with unparalleled accuracy and precision.

The TI Premier comes with Hysitron’s exclusive in situ SPM imaging capability and capacitive transducer technology, making the system applicable to the widest range of materials and devices. Motorized staging, top-down color optics, anti- vibration system, environmental enclosure, control software, and fast digital electronics decrease time to results and ease instrument use.

The TI Premier offers automated testing routines for increased testing throughput and minimized operator interaction.

In situ SPM Imaging

  • Topographical features indicate pre-imaging for test site specification is important
  • Highly accurate positioning and test placement
  • Additional information about the deformation in post-scanning
  • Quantitative RMS Surface
  • Roughness


Discernible results for 50 nm sample. Depending on the applied load, different levels of wear can be observed.


Investigate time-dependent properties of materials using a dynamic testing technique designed specifically for polymers and biomaterials.
nanoDMA® III - Continuous Dynamic Mechanical Property Measurements (270 downloads)

Modulus Mapping™

Obtain quantitative maps of the storage and loss stiffness and moduli from a single SPM scan.
Modulus MappingTM - Quantitative Mechanical Property Imaging (230 downloads)

Closed-loop scanner

Provides an increased scan range (100 μm × 100 μm × 15 μm) and superior test placement accuracy and stability.
Closed Loop Scanner - In-Situ SPM Imaging for Precise Test Placement (258 downloads)

AFM imaging

Provides ultra-low contact force and intermittent contact imaging for surface topography and selection of test locations on soft polymer and biomaterials
Fluorescence Microscope - For Highly Targeted Test Placement Using Fluorescence (228 downloads)


Conductive nanoindentation system capable of providing simultaneaous in-situ electrical and mechanical measurements for investigating material deformation and stress induced transformation behavior.
nanoECR® - Nanoscale Electrical and Mechanical Test Instrument (237 downloads)

Thermal control

PHeating/cooling stages can be added for the investigation of mechanical properties at non-ambient temperatures.
xProbe - MEMS Technology For Quantitative Nanomechanical Measurement (212 downloads)
xProbe 2D - Reaching Beyond Nano- Tribomechanical Testing (217 downloads)

3D OmniProbe

Provides forces up to 10 N and scratch lengths up to 150 mm for depth-sensing micro-indentation and tribological studies.
3D OmniProbeTM - Indentation, Scratch, and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis at Nano- to Micro-Scale (220 downloads)
MultiRange NanoProbeTM - Providing Nano-to-Micro Scale Connectivity (212 downloads)

Vacuum chuck

Wafer mounting system that eliminates necessity of gluing or cutting wafers prior to testing.
performechTM Packages - Options & Upgrades (222 downloads)
Performtech controler (344 downloads)

Triboscan v.9 software

A user friendly software package has been developed for the TI 950 that allows automated acquisition of nanomechanical testing data. The TriboScan v.9 software package provides both pre-programmed and user-definable automation routines for high-throughput testing.
TriboScan 9 Software - Harnessing the power of the performechTM controller (219 downloads)
TriboScanTM Professional - Automated Nanomechanical Metrology Software (226 downloads)