Protochips – In Situ, In Operando EM Microscopy

Protochips develops products for in situ microscopy to help researchers gather quantifiable and actionable data to enable meaningful new discoveries. Our products allow scientists to observe their sample dynamically using heat, electrical biasing and liquid. Through semiconductor-based sample supports we call E-chips, our solutions combine great flexibility with the highest levels of control and performance to enable scientists to gather quantifiable data with the highest efficiency. Our product platforms include Aduro for heating and electrical studies and Poseidon for liquid and electrochemistry studies.

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ADURO – In Situ TEM Holders and SEM Stages for Heating and Electrical Biasing

Revolutionary MEMS-based holders and stages for electron microscopes that enable in situ analysis at temperatures up to 1200 °C with atomic resolution.

POSEIDON – Liquid Flow TEM Holders for In Situ Electron Microscopy

Revolutionary TEM holder for electron microscopes that enables in situ electron microscopy of samples directly within a liquid environment.

ATMOSPHERE – Gas Environmental Cell

Gas environmental cell that frees new and existing TEMs from the limits imposed by the column vacuum. With Atmosphere, you can study a wide variety of materials in precisely controlled gas environments, up to atmospheric pressure.


E-chip family of sample supports provides an unparalleled level of flexibility for the in situ platforms. To accommodate the wide variety of samples used in the materials and life sciences, the E-chip platform provides the user with the ability to choose devices on an experiment by experiment basis.


C-flat is the premier holey carbon film for cryo-transmission electron microscopy and is manufactured without plastics, resulting in higher quality data.

DuraSiN Silicon Nitride Membranes

DuraSiN Film support grids are composed of two materials. The area for specimen observation is fabricated from chemically robust,low-stress, planar silicon nitride films.