MicroMecha – Micro Testing Devices

MicroMecha – Micro Testing Devices

Micro testing devices (MTD) by MicroMecha bring high quality material testing to your scanning electron microscope. Their unique and compact designs allow to perform a full range of standard and unique tests across a wide range of materials. Test results are used in research, product or process development.


PROXIMA is setting new standards in ergonomics and optical performance for mechanical testing in Scanning Electron Microscopes, with its unbeatable performances during EBSD analysis.


AQUILA is a thermo-mechanical tensile stage, capable of performing tensile, compression, bending and low cycle fatigue tests. Its unique design allows EBSD analysis with 2 cameras.


SIRIUS is your microtesting device for biaxial testing inside your scanning electron microscope. Its compact and efficient design allows to develop forces up to 3kN.


POLARIS is your workstation to perform stamping applications. Profit from POLARIS unique design to simulate stamping processes inside your scanning electron microscope.

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