Hysitron |TEM/SEM Picoindenters

Hysitron – TEM/SEM Picoindenters

Versatile depth-sensing indenters for in-situ experimentation in electron microscopes.

The RD 100 Award-winning PI 95 TEM Picolndenter, designed and manufactured by Hysitron, Inc., is the first depth-sensing nano-mechanicai test instrument for in-situ experimentation in TEMs. The primary output of this novel instrument is a rigorous force-displacement curve to be time correlated to the corresponding TEM video. This exciting capability enables the researcher to study, for example, the evolution of a sample’s microstructure during indentation.

This instrument also can be used to conduct in-situ TEM compression tests of nanoparticles, nanopillars, and other nanostructures when equipped with a flat punch. Finally, this instrument provides the unprecedented opportunity to bridge the gap between experimentation and simulation.

NP TiO2 1400 °C under compression
Courtesy C.Elissade, ICMCB for the Amadeous project.
Courtesy C.Ulysse, LPN, supported by the Renatech network.

PI 87 SEM Picoindenter

The PI 87 is a depth-sensing mechanical test instrument that is designed to be interfaced with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) or FIB/SEM.
PI 87 SEM Picoindenter (336 downloads)

Performtech controler

Hysitron’s new performech control module greatly advances the precision of feedback-controlled nanomechanical testing.
Performtech controler (321 downloads)

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